I‘m a biologist (Ph.D.) based in Nuremberg, Erlangen and Ulm - Germany. My main research interests are: Sensory and behavioral ecology of mammals and especially of bats, pollination biology and evolution of floral signals, bioacoustics and echolocation and bioinspired sonar sensing.


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Breaking news:

Our new paper Bats Are Acoustically Attracted to Mutualistic Carnivorous Plants is out now in Current Biology.


Volkswagen Foundation selected our Bioinspired Sonar Reflector Project for funding. We were lucky, only 19 projects were chosen out of 630 applicants. Dr. Stefan Rupitsch and I will start with the Project November 2014.


Check out this article written by Susan McGrath about my work on floral acoustics coming up in the march issue of National Geographic Magazine with stunning pictures from Merlin Tuttle.